How much did I spend growing my own in June.

Let's take a look at how much did I spend growing my own throughout June.

Poultry costs.

During June I had to buy a 20kg bag of layers pellets for the chickens. This bag I managed to buy a little cheaper this time costing £6.50 and a 20kg bag should last 3 months.

I also bought some wood shavings for bedding for all the poultry I have. I bought a couple of small packs and 1 large pack. In total these cost £7.68.

This brings the total to £14.18


I bought a few plants to replace plants that  I lost. While not all these made it either I did spend £3.98 on them.


Most months I also buy a magazine in order to keep up with the latest updates. This also gives me a good supply of seeds. This costs me £4.99.

This month's total.

That brings this months total too £16.65. Quite a bit lower then previous months but this is as we are getting later in the year and fewer materials and equipment is needed.

In May I harvested £108.51 worth of food. That means that May profited £91.86 which is a very healthy amount of money to be saved through growing our own. Let's hope this profit continues.

How much did you spend growing your own in June? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

2 thoughts on “How much did I spend growing my own in June.

  • I don’t have all the figures with me today Richard, but I think we spent £100, £70 of which was on making a new netted frame, the rest was on seeds and eye savers for canes. We harvested about £800 in fruit and veg for a profit of £700 for June. I will be doing a video with the latest data soon.

  • Great stuff Steve. I will check out that video when it comes out. £700 profit is still a pretty good profit in a month. Great stuff as always.

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