Episode 247. Our vegepod experience with Ellen and Lee.

In this week's podcast, I am joined in the podding shed with Elen and Lee to discuss our experience using our vegpod systems

The diary.

In this weeks diary section I have tackled the following jobs.

  • Planting out broad beans and peas
  • Onion sets starting to grow
  • pumping water from Waterbury to waterbutt

The vegepod.

I’ve been using the vegepod with a lot of success this year. It’s been so successful that I cannot song it’s praises anymore.

In this episode I chat to Ellen and Lee about their experiences with their vegepod too. Did their experience mirror my experience? Find out in this podcast.


Find out more about the vegepod from the uk site. Find out about all the products and order direct.

Check out Ellen’s website to find out more about the gardening work that she does here. Her site is full of plenty of useful information.

Lees website can be found here. If your interested in getting your family involved in gardening then here’s where to look.

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