Episode 246 Chatting with Isabel and Phil. The zombie gardener’s

Join me in the podding shed this week as I chat to Isabel and Phil authors of gardening for the zombie apocalypse. We chat about growing our own food and trying to be self-sufficient. We also have the latest from the plots.

The diary

Each week I share what I have been up to in the garden over the last week. This week includes

  • Building another bed
  • Cleaning pots
  • Using my own compost

And much more. Check out the podcast to find out more.

Isabel and Phil The zombie gardeners.

Recently I received a gardening book that was not only educational but also entertaining. I have mentioned it before but that book is gardening for the zombie apocalypse.

After reading the book I knew I had to get the authors on the podcast to chat about their gardening experience and delve deeper into the reasons for the book.

I knew this would be a fun chat but also we learn about Isabel and Phil's reasoning for going self-sufficient. They also share some lessons that they have learned as well as where they started from.

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What have you been up to in the garden this week? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

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