Episode 210. Visiting ginger welsh allotment.

In this weeks podcast I have taken a tour fellow allotmenteer and youtuber Bethan from Ginger welsh allotment. We also have the latest from my plots.

The diary

In this weeks diary we have carried out the following tasks

  • Loss of 2 of my young quail.
  • Seedlings moving along.
  • Sowing more seeds.

And much more find out in this podcast.

Ginger Welsh Allotment

For a while I have enjoyed watching Bethan's YouTube channel Ginger Welsh Allotment. She regularly puts on some excellent vlogs from her journey on her allotment.

I've been lucky enough to meet Bethan once before but I really wanted to have a good nose around her allotment and see for myself what is happening.

Join us as we have a good nose around Bethan's allotment and find out what words of wisdom she has to share with us all.

Would you like me to record a podcast from your allotment? Let me know in the comments or email me here.

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