Weekly harvest report. Week 9 of 2019.

Each week I like to share my weekly harvest report. Reporting what I've harvested and how much that would have cost from a shop.

Weekly harvest report.

This week we have harvested the following

  • 14 chicken eggs which would have cost us £3.50 from a shop.
  • 1 small cabbage which would have cost us 49p from a shop.
  • 1kg potatoes which would have cost us £1 from a shop.
  • A selection of herbs and salad leaves harvested as and when required. We allow £1 for this.
<li>That brings this week's total to £5.99. Another low week and the egg production has dropped after the increase last week. However spring is nearly here and with it brings lots of opportunities to harvest lots of delicious fresh food.</li>
<li>This also brings the total value of food harvested so far this year to £59.07.</li>

This week's spending .

  • This week I have spent on the following
    • £5.50 on a bag of quail feed
      £3.50 on a bag of multipurpose compost.
    <li>This week's total spending is £9. Both items where required and necessary particularly the quail feed.</li>
    <li>This brings the total spend to £114.42 for the year.</li>
    <li>What have you harvested this week? Let me know in the comments or <a href="">Email me here. </a></li>

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