Episode 206. My day at Seedy Sunday.

Join me in this episode of the veg grower podcast where I have taken a trip to Seedy Sunday an annual seed swopping event in Brighton. I also share the latest on the plots.

The diary

This weeks tasks include the following

  • Adding more manure at the allotment
  • Sowing a few more seeds
  • Tidying my shed

and much more.

Seedy Sunday.

Seedy Sunday in Brighton and Hove is the UK’s biggest and longest-running community seed swap event. The event takes place on the first Sunday in February in Brighton and Hove. At the heart of Seedy Sunday is the huge seed swap table where seeds are donated and swapped.

I have attended for a number of years but this year I decided to record some podcast from the event.

In this weeks podcast you can hear me chat to various stall holders and volunteers as I learn more about different aspects of gardening.


  • To learn more about the event check out the seedy Sunday website.
  • If you would like to find out more about Alice Bettany a medicinal plant grower then check out her website.
  • To find out more about Rhonda and vital seeds an independent seed company from Devon then check out there website.
  • I also mention a plot planning website that I am currently using called veg plotter. That can be found at the following link

If you attended seedy Sunday or any other seed swopping events near you then leave a comment or email me here.

3 thoughts on “Episode 206. My day at Seedy Sunday.

  • Thanks for pointing out Veg Plotter. It looks really good, especially considering it is free. I’m not an experienced gardener, but did wonder how accurate the timings for planting are. Would be great to have an update on how you’re finding the software as the year progresses. Many thanks for the wonderful podcast.

  • Hi warren. I would say the timings are a generally rule of thumb much like the instructions on seed packets. What I like to do is sow a few seeds one week then a few more a few weeks later so that the risk of a seed germinating is spread out. I will discuss this on next week’s podcast. Thank you for commenting.

  • Hi Richard, thrilled to have won the weekly seed competition. No rush to get them out. It’s very kind of you to run this competition!

    Since my comment I have persisted with Veg Plotter, and am now finding it very useful. As you suggest, I’m taking the instructions as a rule of thumb and will try sowing over a number of weeks.

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