Tiger nut harvest

In this week's video I have finally got to harvesting my tiger nuts.

Last year I grew tiger nuts for the first time. I found them to be easy to grow but what will I get out of them and what do they taste like.

Find out in this video.

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6 thoughts on “Tiger nut harvest

  • Enjoyed the tiger nut video, nice to see your shed/green house I couldn’t quite visualize it from the podcasts!

  • It’s a tough one to describe in audio. Thank you for watching and glad you enjoyed my little video.

  • Hi Richard! I’ve not heard of Tiger Nuts before. Are they easy to aquire and sow? I might try these myself.

  • Hi Nigel. Very easy to grow. If your at the next walk I can give you some seeds if you would like.

  • Fingers crossed, I’ll see you in Horsham then. How very kind! You’re inspiring me to actually do something with the veg patch this year…

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