Episode 205. Edible flowers.

Join me in this weeks vegetable gardening podcast where i'll be discussing my plans to grow a few edible flowers this year and why. I also share the latest on the plots.

The diary

In this weeks diary section I have carried out the following tasks

  • Building a trellis
  • Harvesting some winter vegetables
  • Taking apart a pallet

and much more in this podcast.

Edible flowers.

In recent years I have pondered about getting some colour on my plots. Sure I can grow food and that is my passion but what about a bit of colour.

Well after much thought I have decided to venture into growing edible flowers. The hope is that these plants will add a bit of colour as well as provide something edible.

I have chosen three types that I shall be growing this year. o find out what they are check out this weeks podcast.

Do you grow edible flowers? I would love to know what you grow and how. Let me know in the comments or email me here.

2 thoughts on “Episode 205. Edible flowers.

  • Great podcast just listened to it .as snow no gardening.not tried tarragon as a companion plant so will have a go .you should grow one bed of flowers for mrs suggett .sweetpeas .and dahias .ext .always great to bring back flowers as well as veg .cheers

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