Weekly harvest report. Week 4 of 2019

Each week I like to share my weekly harvest report. Reporting what I have harvested over the last week and how much that would have cost from a shop.

Apologies for this report being a day late. I had one of my headaches which got in the way.

This weeks harvest

This week we have harvested the following

  • 13 chicken eggs which would have cost us £3.25 from a shop.
  • 1kg potatoes which would have cost us 80p
  • 1 large cabbage which would have cost us 79p
  • A selection of herbs and salad leaves as required. We allow £1 for these.

That bring the total value for this week to £5.84. Another low week but we still have homegrown food in the freezer and at least we have something from the plots.

It also brings the total value of harvest for the year so far to £23.74

This week's spend.

This week I have spent on the following items

  • £20 for some timber batons to make a trellis framework
  • £2.99 on some carrot seeds

That means I have spent £22.99 this week and bring the total for the year so far to £60.42

What have you harvested this week? let me know in the comments or Email me here.

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