2019 competitions.

Throughout 2019 I'm running a series of competition aimed at promoting grow your own. The competition and rules are as follows.

Competition 1. Most produce produced.

As you may know each week I share my weekly harvest report reporting what I've harvested and seeing how much that would have cost from a shop.

To enter this competition you just need to share with me what you've harvested from your garden or allotment regularly. To find the value of your crops I use the Tesco or Waitrose website and work it out from that.

Whoever has harvested the highest value of food through out 2019 will be the winner.

Competition 2. Best audio log.

The veg grower podcast is very much my audio log of my journey growing food. But there is no reason that it can't be yours too.

Simply record yourself in audio format sharing your journey growing food and send the audio file to myself. Most smart phones have a audio recording function on them. Don't worry about the technical aspects of audio recording it's about the story.

I would like to use this audio in a podcast but if you don't want it to be played then let me know.

Competition 3. Best vlogger.

Vlogging is a very popular method of sharing our story growing food. YouTube has plenty of grow your owners sharing there own video.

This competition is again about the story not technical aspects of video making. Simply film yourself regularly sharing your story growing food in your garden or allotment and share it with myself or the veg grower podcast Facebook group and you could win this competition.

Competition 4. Best photo.

Another one of my many hobbies is photography. I take lots of photos on my allotment or in my garden.

I know I'm not the only one which lead me to decide that a good competition would be a photo competition. Simply share with myself or the forum or facebook group a photo that you have taken. The subject matter has to be to do with vegetable growing but what you decide to do after that is your choice. My favourite photo will be the winner for this completion.

Competition 5. Best upcycle/recycled project.

Recycling or up cycling is a big part of our lives these day. I have seen some very clever creations in my travels.

For this completion please share your project. As long as it's related to grow your own it'll be in with a chance to win.

Competition 6. Longest carrot.

This isn't a hard one to explain. Send me a photo of your longest carrot next to a measure so I can see the size. The longest carrot wins.

Competition 7. Heaviest pumpkin.

Also an easy competition. Grow your heaviest pumpkin weigh it and send me the photo of your pumpkin on the scales.


All these competition will run until 31/12/2019 which is also closing date for entrants.

Submitted entries will be judged by myself although other member reactions will be taken into consideration.

Entires can be submitted via comments on blog posts on this website, via the forum, email or the Facebook group page.

Judges decision is final.

Prizes will be a collection of gardening goodies.

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