Episode 204. Me and my wormery.

Join me in episode 204 where I shall be discussing how I get on with my wormery as well as the latest on the plots.

The diary

This week we have carried out the following tasks

  • Sowing more seeds
  • tidied up the allotment
  • Added to a new bed at home

and much more

Me and my wormery

I have had a wormery for a number of years now and I think they are great. After originally being gifted one on my old allotment I decided I needed one at home when I moved into my house. The day we moved in I took delivery of my own wormery and since then I have been using it to make compost and a liquid plant food.

You can listen to me talk about my experience with this type of composting in this podcast. If you are looking to buy a wormery and equipment then the following images are links that you might find useful.

This is the type of wormery that I have and it comes with worms.

I also came across this wormery which I quite like the look of too.

Should you want to buy some worms for use in the wormery then click on the next image.

Its also possible to make your own wormery from a dustbin. If you are the type that would like to make your own then this link might be for you.

On a final note

I have also launched a competition that will run to the end of February. For this I need to come up with a name for each of the characters in the below photo. Details can be found in this podcast.

Do you have a wormery? Or perhaps you are thinking of getting one? If so let me now in the comments or email me here.

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