Episode 336. The Friday night veg gardening pub quiz

Its Friday which means its time for the Friday night veg gardening pub quiz podcast. Extra points if you like the jingle.

Episode 336. Transcript

Hello and welcome to episode 336 of the veg grower podcast. My names Richard and I am on a mission to grow as much food as I can in my allotment and garden.

Today is Friday the 19th June 2020 and as its Friday it means its time for the Friday night veg gardening pub quiz. But before that lets find out what I have been up to today.

Music fades

Its Friday the 19th June 2020 now today I have not done a huge amount of gardening as I concentrated on a few jobs indoors however we have had 2 more quail chicks hatch today which brings us up to 3 quail chicks on this batch which is pretty good so far.

One of these quails I did have to help hatch as I think the membrane around the chick had got a bit to hard and the bird didn’t have enough strength to break through. I just had to break the membrane a bit so it gave the chick a fighting chance and sure enough out it popped. Within a few minutes the second chick hatched without any assistance.

This evening once my wife finished work we did pop to the allotment and we went for a huge soft fruit harvest. It seems like we are definitely soft fruit season. We collected a kilo of cherries a kilo of gooseberries 200g strawberries 200g raspberries 100g red-currents and 100g blackcurrants. So quite a collection of soft fruits. Which ill be using over the weekend in various forms. The cherries are a variety called morello so they are very tart but that's because they are a cooking variety and I’ll use them in a pie or something.

Well that's what I have been up to today but let me know what you have been up to please.

Birds tweet

A quiet day today but its so lovely to get soft fruits coming in. Well lets get on with the Friday night veg gardening pub quiz.

How it works is I will ask 10 questions of which need answers. If you want to take part you email me your answers by Thursday the 25th june 2020. If you get all 10 answers correct your name gos into a hot and 1 winner is selected and that winner will win 10 packets of seeds. Its as easy as that so lets get on and play.

Question 1. Some types of peas are called mangetout. What is the translation of mangetout?


Question 2. Pentland javellin and deire are types of what?


Question 3. Elephant garlic is a variant of what?


Question 4. A cloche can help protect plants from what?


Question 5. What can be Kos or Iceburg


Question 6. What vegetable is also known as ladies fingers


Question 7. What is considered Britains most romantic country garden?


Question 8. Which gardener was born in Walkden Lancashire and originally trained as an art teacher?


Question 9. What vegetable is usually white and bumpy and is often made into a meal with a cheese sauce?


Question 10.  Where does the herb plant rosemary originate from?


You have your questions so good luck.

Now for last weeks questions and answers. Last week I asked

Question 1 how do you tell how old a tree is

Answer count the number of rings

Question 2. WHat is another more common name for an alligator pear

Answer advacado

Question 3. In which season is asparagus most often cropped and eaten in the uk?

Answer Spring

Question 4. what is the best type of soil in which to grow parsnips?

Answer sandy

Question 5. What is it that makes the stalks of old varities of celery go white?

Answe. Exclussion of light

Question 6. What veegtable has a flower that looks like sinflowers but also is nicknamed fatrichokes?

Answer jerusalum artichokes

Question 7. What is the best way to avoid clubroot?

Answer adding lime to the soil

Question 8. Who is probably the most well known person for no dig gardening?

Answer charles dowding

Question 9. What vegetables are ingredients in branston pickle?

Answer carrots, cauliflower, gherkins, marrows, onion, swede and tomatoes

Question 10. Where in the uk was saffron famously grown?

Answer saffron waldon

How did you get on with those? If you want to take part this week email me Richard@theveggrowerpodacst.co.uk. Visit My Website at www.theveggrowerpodcast.co.uk or you can find me on social media. Thank you so much for listening today. Please take care and I shall speak to you again next time.

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