Episode 194. How I make awesome compost

Join me in this weeks vegetable gardening podcast where I Shall be discussing how I make compost as well as the latest updates from the allotment and vegetable patch.

The diary.

This weeks tasks have included

  • More weeding
  • A lesson about wearing gloves
  • Onions being pulled out the ground

and much more, listen to my ramblings in the podcast.

Awesome compost

Making good compost isn't hard. All that garden waste that is just holding onto all the nutrients for you to put back into your soil is black gold for the gardener.Yet for many it seems to be a challenge to get a good compost going.

I have been making this wonderful organic matter for a while now. Over the years I have experimented and found ways to make compost easily and fast. I also never add any compost activator instead letting nature do the work for me.

In this weeks gardening podcast I discuss what I have learned over the years on how I make some really awesome podcast. How to make it fast and how to make it weed seed free.


Should you want more reading I have the following for you

Have you any tips on making compost to share? Let me know in the comments orĀ Email me here.

2 thoughts on “Episode 194. How I make awesome compost

  • don’t know why but I’ve only just listened to the composting podcast, quick question, do you use any compost creating stuff? I had a packet of garotte I think it was and threw that on this year only as it was left over from years ago. My heap is pretty open behind the diversion sign and doesn’t get a lot of direct sun, will it take longer to decompose?


  • hi Ian
    I personally don’t use anything other then garden waste, chicken waste and cardboard. I don’t see any problem using garotte especially to get a heap started. Comfrey is also a very good compost activator so worth throwing that in too.
    Your heap sounds exactly like my allotment compost heap so it will take about a year to decompose just like mine.
    Keep me posted on how you get on

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