Episode 172. Efficient watering.

In this week's podcast, I discuss how I try to be efficient with watering my plants. I also discuss the latest on the allotment and vegetable patch.

The diary

Each week I discuss the latest on the plots including

  • Being on call and gardening at the same time
  • Vermin in the garden?
  • Weeds, weeds and weeds.

And much more.

Efficient watering.

Water is such a valuable resource. I often moan about how we undervalue this resource. In this episode, I discuss the methods I have developed to make the most of water.

The key points that I have found for these are

  • collect as much rainwater as possible
  • water at the roots of plants
  • water what is needed and when needed
  • mulch, mulch and mulch.

I mention a watering system I am looking into. Until I have saved up for this I am not recommending this piece of kit but should it be of interest to you the link is here.

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Special thanx to lee from The skinny jean gardener for the tickets that I won for gardeners world live. Check out his podcast.

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