Episode 162. Avoid buying tools that seem a good idea but end up at the back of the shed.

Join me in episode 162 titled avoid buying tools that seem a good idea but end up at the back of the shed.

The diary.

Each week I share what has been happening on the plots in the last week. This week's tasks include.

  • Sowing potatoes
  • Sowing seeds
  • Burning some waste

Please listen to find out more.

Tools that end up the back of the shed.

Admit it we have all done it. Bought some tools that sounded like a great idea, get used once and then end up at the back of the shed. A badly made product that falls apart first use is never any good for anyone. Items that end up being fiddly and don't get used again. Yes, we have all had them they exist.

In this podcast, I explore how I now try and avoid buying these items and my thought process that helps me eliminate the buying of useless products. I mention a website that can be used to check if reviews are genuine. this website can be found here.

It would be awesome if you can all share your stories of items that you have bought that have fallen into this category. I think it would be interesting to share these stories. Either leave in the comments below or Email me here.

The bald explorer.

On Wednesday I will be joining the bald explorers live broadcast at 8 pm. Please join us it will be a great laugh and we will be talking about allotments and growing vegetables and everything we do here. You can find the live video at the bald explorer's facebook page.

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