2.4.2018 Sowing potatoes video.

Join me in this weeks video from the veg grower podcast where I am sowing my potatoes. Or is it planting potatoes nevermind its all the same thing?

Sowing potatoes.

Firstly the audio might be a bit patchy. I have recently invested in new audio equipment for the videos and this is taking some adjustment to use.

In this video, I am sowing my potatoes into buckets ready for the year. The buckets have plenty of drainage holes in them and are partially filled with manure and compost. I have spoken before about the potato varieties I am growing but this year they are

  • Sarpo Mira
  • King Edward
  • Blue Danube
  • Linda
  • Home guard
  • Charlotte
  • Aaron pilot
  • Estima

I also have a clip of a tool I found in the compost heap that I thought I had lost.

Don't forget to join me on the bald explorers live facebook video 8 pmĀ April the 4th 2018.

So please watch and enjoy. Any comments or suggestions let me know in the comments.

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