Episode 161. I’m full of cold.

Join me for this week's podcast which is a few days late and a little short due to this horrible cold that I am full of at the moment.

The diary.

In this week's podcast, I discuss what I have achieved this last week on the plots including

  • Visiting the ideal home show.
  • Clearing the patio for my new garden toy.
  • Entertaining my nieces with the garden.

As I am full of this cold I have not discussed any subject this week but normal service will be resumed.

I mention the bald explorer who I met on Sunday and will be working on some future projects that will involve the bald explorer community as well as the veg grower podcast community. I will notify you in the future when and where we will be doing a live video where we will talk about growing food.

With that please listen and don't forget to add any comments below.

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