26.3.2018 Incubating quail eggs.

Unfortunately, I am still suffering from this horrible cold. Until it shifts I cant record a podcast but you can join me in this weeks video from the veg grower podcast as I have taken the next step in the quail project. I have started incubating quail eggs in the hope to hatch some baby quail.

Incubating quail eggs.

As you can see in the video below I have taken 6 quail eggs and placed them in my small incubator. The heat is set at 37.5c. Eggs are placed upside down because the air sac is in the bottom. I turn the eggs about 3 times a day to stop the embryo from sticking. I will be turning them for 14 days then after that, I will not turn them with the eggs expected to hatch around day 19.

Will it work we shall find out in the future.
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