Weekly harvest report. Week 13 of 2019.

Each week I like to share my weekly harvest report. Reporting what I've harvested over the last week and seeing how much that would have cost from a shop.

Weekly harvest report.

This week we have harvested the following

  • 20 chicken eggs which would have cost us £5 from a shop.
  • 7 quail eggs which would have cost us £1.47 from a shop.
  • 1.3kg rhubarb which would have cost us £8.94
  • A selection of herbs and salad leaves harvested as and when required. We allow £1 for this.
<li>That brings this week's total value to £16.41 and the total for the year so far to £104.51</li>
<li>I'm pretty happy with this week's value of harvest. Now both the chicken and quail egg production is ramping up and the rhubarb is in plentiful supply, our food sticks are growing rapidly. It's also not going to be long till many more harvests start following.</li>

This week's spenditure.

  • This week we have spent the following
    • £2 on wood shavings for the birds
      £4.35 on a bag of chicken feed
      £5.98 on some blight resistant tomato seeds.
    <li>That means this week I have spent £12.31 on growing my own. This also brings the total for the year to £154.30.</li>
    <li>What have you harvested this week? Let me know in the comments or <a href="">Email me here. </a></li>

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