Episode 145. An evening with team pollinate.

Join me in this week's podcast where I discuss the latest on the plots and an evening I spent with team pollinate.

The diary.

In this weeks episode, I discuss the latest on the plots including

To find out more please listen to this episode.

An evening with team pollinate.

Last week I spent an evening in Brighton at an event arranged by team pollinate. This event was to discuss the results of the first leg of there research.

Team pollinate is researching the following questions

1. Which pollinating insects visit which flowering crops have grown in allotments?

2. Are the yields of food crops grown in allotments limited by a lack of insect pollinators?

3. Which pesticides are used in allotments, and on which crops?

With long-term research into these questions that may help to improve the crops that we grow for ourselves. To find out more about team pollinate please check out their website. I also urge everyone to take part where they can. I can honestly say I will be doing what I can to take part where I can.

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