#470 Pro’s and con’s of running an allotment.

Join Richard in this weeks podcast where he is discussing the pro's and con's of running an allotment. Richard also shares the latest from the plots.

Latest from the plots

This week Richard has tackled the following tasks

  • Built a new bed on the allotment
  • Prepared for planting garlic and onions
  • Hanging baskets of chillies moved into the greenhouse to try and over winter.

And much more in this podcast.

Pro's and con's of running an allotment.

With demand for allotment's being at a high Richard thought it was time to share a few of his pros and cons of running an alltoment.

An allotment is fun but its also a lot of work and dedication. While experienced alltomenteers make it look easy the newbie can get a little lost.

What are your Pro's and con's of running an allotment? Let us know in the comments or email us.

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