How much I spent growing my own in Novemeber

I have decided that I should keep note of how much I spend on growing my own food in order to share with you all how much grow your own saves. So what have we spent this month?

Project quail.

We brought 5 quail for £16. With these, I also brought some food, bowls and water bottle coming to £9.76. As the cage was made out of bits I had lying around we haven’t spent a huge amount of money on these.

However, as I built the second cage I brought wood for this which came to £22.76.

I also brought some layers pellets and a big bin to store these in. A 20kg bag of layers pellets cost £13.90 from Amazon (click on the picture to find out more)

The bin store I bought from Poundsavers for £9.99. (click on the image below to find out more from a similar item on Amazon).

I also brought a small egg incubator in preparation for when the quail start mating. As I plan to hatch more quail this seemed like a good idea. The incubator cost me £16.95 from Amazon.

 The quail have been the biggest expense this month due to starting up this project. The total cost this month for quail has been £89.36

General poultry costs.

As there are items that I buy that are brought for both quail and chickens I thought I would cover these in the 1 section. This month I spent £2.00 on a bag of woodchips from Wilkinsons. This is used for bedding in the coops.

Allotment costs.

This month all I have spent on the allotment is £10.00 for manure that I buy from a local stable. This manure is really well rotted its great for building up my beds.

Totals for November.

From the above figures, we can see that

  • £89.36 on the quail project
  • £2.00 on general poultry costs
  • £10.00 on the allotment

This means the total spend in November is £101.36.


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