Episode 130. Foraging for free food.

This week's podcast is episode 130. In this podcast, I discuss recent events on the plots. I then discuss foraging for free food.

The diary.

In this weeks diary section, I discuss whats been happening lately including:

  • Blight attacks
  • Trimming the Ivy
  • This week's harvests.

Foraging for food.

Foraging for food is fun but also a great way to get some good food. In this episode, I discuss what I have found recently that will provide me with free food.

When I lived on my own and money was tight foraging was a way I found to get some good food for free. However, there are thing's we should all consider when foraging and this is discussed today.


I found this blog post a great informative look on foraging.

The podcast episode that I mention in this podcast is here.

A news article from the BBC about the legalities of foraging.

A foraging guide from woodland trust.

Amazon item.

In this episode, I discuss this book that I have had for many years. Food for free written by Richard Mabey has been an extremely useful resource for me. It covers a huge range of food that can be foraged with detailed descriptions of what the forage looks like and where to find. Its size has also proven useful as extremely portable and fits in a pocket comfortably. To buy it from Amazon please click on the picture.





So that's it for this episode as always please leave any comments or suggestions in the comments below.


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