Episode 122. Barbecuing outside.

Join me this week on the veg grower podcast.

As I discuss the latest happenings on the plot and how I barbecue on the plots.

Latest happenings.

This week I have spent a lot of time dealing with the heat.

I've also concluded my onion experiment where I have compared wilko onion sets to traditional garden centre onion sets. In this podcast I discuss the results of this and how i carried out this experiment.

Barbecuing on the plots.

I also discuss one of my greatest pleasures of barbecuing on the plot. How I do it and my different methods of cooking outside.

I just love cooking outside there's something different about it that seems to taste better but it takes practice of which I urge everybody to try after all if you can cook indoors (or even if you can't) you can cook outdoors.

Next week I plan on talking about a few recipes to cook outside so if anyone would like to share some then please get in touch.

Photos of my barbecues.

My new smoker


My home bbq



Items I've discussed in this show.

For a Barbecue that does everything that's need you can't go far wrong with this barbecue. This piece of kit can be used as a grill an oven and a smoker while being portable.

next I have the weber kettle grill which has been around for years and is very popular.

I mentoned a pizza stone in this episode and this kit covers everything to cook pizza on a bbq.

And finally a few barbecue utensils.

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