Photos from week 25 of 2017. 

Every week I share a collection of photos taken on the plot.


So we shall start with a collection of photos showing berries growing on the plants.

A few blueberries for me.
Blueberries coming into season nicely.
Blackcurrants looking tasty
Redcurrants are ready to be eaten


The onion experiment.

I mentioned in last nights podcast about an onion experiment that I've now concluded.


Firstly the onions grown from wilko onion sets.

wilko onion sets

Next we have the onions from a more traditional garden centre.

Onions grown from sets brought from a traditional garden centre.

The following is what is left in the ground.

Here is the ones still left after harvesting.

Over all I think there was little difference but you can listen to my conclusion in this episode.


A bit of a surprise.

While wondering around I noticed this cabbage plant had something white growing in it. I went in for a closer look.

I thought this was a cabbage.

wait its a.....


Yep you guessed it somehow my cabbage was actually a cauliflower.

A caulliflower

Somehow my cabbage had become a cauliflower. A little confusing as the label says cabbage and I grow from seed but nonetheless I have a cauliflower.


This weeks harvests.

As I try and show of my harvests each week lets take a look.

My cauliflower.
A few berries
lots of raspberries
A few strawberries
Here it all is together

So that's it for this week. Get in touch if you want to add anything.

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