Chef Scott’s Warm salad of Jerusalem Artichoke, sprouting broccoli, spinach and poached egg

Hi its Scott here and this week I have a recipe involving Jerusalem artichokes I know there is a lot of debate about weather to grow them or not and I will be reducing the amount I grow next year but I don’t think I could bring myself to getting rid of them as they are delicious.

They are high in inulin and its this that helps in reducing blood sugar levels so helpful for people with diabetes, but the inulin can also cause a bit of wind in some people giving them the name fartichokes so it’s best to start of with a little to see how your stomach deals with high levels of inulin.

That been said they do taste fantastic roasted and then turned into a warm wither salad of roasted Jerusalem artichokes with sprouting broccoli, spinach, crispy bacon and a poached egg and that’s this week’s recipe so let jump into the kitchen and see how its made.

This recipe should make 4 salads.


For the roast artichokes you will need

700g Jerusalem artichokes

6 cloves of garlic with the skins on

1 lemon cut into wedges.

1 sprig of thyme

Rest of the ingrediants

150g sprouting broccoli.

8 slices of streaky bacon

4 eggs

4 hand full of spinach

100 ml of white wine vinegar

160 ml olive oil

75g whole grain mustard

30g honey

Shaved parmesan for garnish


Start by roasting the artichokes do this by adding all the roast artichoke ingrediants to a very hot frying pan and fry hard until the artichokes start to get some colour on them then transfer everything to a roasting in tray and roast in the oven on a high heat about 220 c for 20 to 30 minutes halfway through give everything a good stir and add the sprouting broccoli for the second half of the cooking.

Whilst that’s happening make the dressing by whisking together the oil, mustard, vinegar & honey.

Then crips the bacon up in the oven and poach the eggs.

When the artichokes are done remove the thyme and lemon but make sure you give the lemons a squish to release the juice then add everything along with the bacon to a mixing bowl and toss together with the spinach and dress with some of the dressing serve into salad bowls and top with the poached eggs and shaved parmesan And that’s the recipe done!

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