#529 A Seed Planning Journey For 2024

This week podcast we has started seed planning for 2024, this involves sorting out his seed collection, creating spreadsheet and working out a plan. We also have a recipe from chef Scott and a visit to the allotment.

Veg garden update: Sorting out the seed collection.

As Richard has been unwell and not wanting to make himself worse, he figured it was a good chance to get rid of some old seeds.

Richard stores seeds in an old fridge which had become so full he couldn't fit anymore seeds in it. Using the seeds use by date as a cut off point he did something he hates. He threw old seeds in the bin.

However this still left us with plenty of remaining seeds, which are now been stored in boxes to make it easy in the future. The wooden boxes Richard uses can be bought from the works, where as the photo boxes can be found from Amazon (The supplied link may lead to us getting a little kickback if you buy the box).

Added to that we also had the chance to list all our remaining seeds to save us buying any seeds that we still have.

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Seed Planning for 2024

With our seeds now sorted it was time to fire up the computer and create a couple of simple spreadsheets. Sticking with the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method we created 2 spreadsheets.

The first is a simple list of all seeds that we can sow and what months we can sow these seeds in. This creates an easy at a glance account of what we can sow each month.

The second spreadsheet is a seed planning list for 2024 broken down on a weekly basis. Each week we can sow some seeds and each week we will sow seeds following this plan. This just lays out everything we want to sow in order to have plenty of food growing in 2024.

Chef Scott's recipe of the week

This week Chef Scott has another delicious recipe for us. Its a artichoke salad which sounds absolutely delicious and we cant wait to try it out.

Here at the veg grower podcast we have been considering not growing Jerusalem artichokes anymore as we wasn't eating them so much. However after this recipe we might change our mind at continue to grow them.

Give it a try and let us know what you think?

Allotment update: After our first frost

Over the weekend we had our first frost. Now frost can be a good thing, some vegetables taste better after being frosted such as leeks, parsnips and sprouts. But some vegetables can also be damaged by frost.

It can also make harvesting of some crops difficult as the ground might become frozen, and this is a concern for leeks on our allotment. The way to avoid this is to heal our leeks in the ground where they can be easier to harvest as required.

That's it for this episode.

That concludes this weeks podcast. We hope you enjoy listening to it, please do leave us a rate and review on your podcast provider if you have.

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