Cabbage with bacon and onion.

this weeks recipe comes from bbc good food and came to me after a search for cabbage recipes.

1 onion, sliced (from my stores)
50g butter
200g smoked lardon, or diced bacon (I used lardons)
1 Savoy cabbage shredded (harvested fresh from the allotment)
150ml boiling water

1. I gently melted the butter the added the onions and cooked until soft.
2. I added the bacon and cooked until golden
3. I added the cabbage and water and cooked until the cabbage just starts to wilt.
4. I placed a lid and turned the heat down. after 5 minutes i removed the lid and turned up the heat for 2 more minutes
5. I drained the cabbage and served after adding seasoning of salt and pepper to taste.

I have a real taste for bacon at the moment so this went really well.
very tasty and I served this with a nice pie.

So what do you think let me know below.

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