#524 An Apple Affair Podcast

This week we celebrate National apple day with an apple affair podcast.

In the Veg Garden: Cultivating Dreams of an Orchard

This week, delve into Richard's dream of an orchard right in his garden. Learn how he tends to apple trees in pots with the correct rootstock. Discover the importance of choosing the right apple tree as the season approaches, and find out how fresh compost can boost production.

Supporters Club: Sowing Seeds for Podcast Sustainability

Explore the world of our supporters club where we've been busy sowing broad beans and celtuce seeds. To learn more about becoming a member, click the button below.

Tool Care: Sharpening Fiskars Secateurs

Richard takes you through the art of maintaining and sharpening his Fiskars secateurs. Ensure they're ready for pruning and in top working order for the year ahead with a bit of oil and a few simple tools.

Chef Scott's Recipe: A Scrumptious Toffee Apple Delight

Chef Scott shares a mouth-watering toffee apple recipe, perfect for the season, with Halloween and Bonfire Night just around the corner.

An Apple Affair on the Allotment: Tending to the Trees

Join Richard on the allotment as he tends to his two apple trees. Discover the story of the Kingston Black variety, ideal for cider making, and the plan to give it more space this winter. Learn how the second apple tree is being propped up to stay upright.

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