How To Refresh The Fruit Garden, WWII Gardening Tips, And Beetroot Soup Recipe | #557

Welcome to episode 557 of the Veg Grower Podcast! I'm Richard, and I'm here to encourage and inspire more people to grow their own food by sharing my 30 years of gardening experience. In this week's episode, we dive into refreshing the fruit garden, reflect on the 'Dig for Victory' campaign during WWII, share a delicious beetroot soup recipe from Chef Scott, and provide an update from the allotment. Let’s get started!

In the Fruit Garden:

In this segment, I take you to my front garden or fruit garden as its sometimes called. Where I grow a variety of fruit trees and bushes in pots. I discuss the importance of regular weeding, watering, and feeding to keep your plants healthy. I also explain the 'June drop,' a natural process where fruit trees shed some of their fruits to ensure the remaining ones are well-nourished. Learn about the benefits of thinning fruit and summer pruning to promote better growth and higher quality fruit and a better fruit garden.

Key Points:

  • Regular weeding and watering
  • Understanding the 'June drop'
  • Benefits of thinning fruit
  • Summer pruning techniques

Reflecting on WWII's Dig for Victory:

Last weekend marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day, which got me thinking about the 'Dig for Victory' campaign during WWII. This initiative encouraged people to turn their gardens into food-producing spaces to combat food shortages. I reflect on what my garden might have been like back then and discuss the importance of self-sufficiency and community gardening in times of crisis. Could we survive if a similar situation arose today? Join me as I explore these thoughts and encourage you to think about how you could adapt your own gardening practices.

Key Points:

  • History of the 'Dig for Victory' campaign
  • Importance of self-sufficiency and community gardening
  • Adapting modern gardening techniques for crisis situations

Chef Scott’s Botwinka Recipe:

This week, Chef Scott has shared a delightful Botwinka recipe. Beetroots are not only nutritious but also versatile in the kitchen. Tune in to get the full recipe and tips on how to make this vibrant and delicious soup. It's a perfect dish to enjoy while reaping the rewards of your gardening efforts.

In the Allotment:

In the final segment, I update you on the latest happenings at the allotment. After the theft of our raised beds last week, we've rebuilt them and made significant progress. I planted out sweetcorn, tomatoes, and cucumbers into the new beds, something I had planned to do earlier but was delayed due to the theft. Additionally, I harvested broad beans, rhubarb, and our first early potatoes of the season. It's always rewarding to see the fruits of our labour, despite the setbacks.

Key Points:

  • Rebuilding stolen raised beds
  • Planting sweetcorn, tomatoes, and cucumbers
  • Harvesting broad beans, rhubarb, and early potatoes

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Thank you for joining me in the garden today. Stay tuned for more gardening tips, historical reflections, and delicious recipes in future episodes. Happy gardening!

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  • Great podcast Richard. Always very inspirational. So much information aways provided.

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