25.9.2017 planting garlic, pumpkins and sunflower

Join me in this weeks video where I have planted out some garlic cloves. I also revisit the pumpkin and my sunflower. FIlmed week ending 25.9.2017

This week I have planted out 4 types of garlic, elephant, early purple wight, germidore, and Casablanca. The germidore and Casablanca I have never tried on this plot before so I am interested to see how these grow here.
I have also revisited my large pumpkin that was ripening but has had a few problems this last week. I have cut it off and evaluated where I may have gone wrong so I could learn from my mistake.
There is also some fencing that has gone up behind my allotment and I explain why this is and my thoughts on it in this video.
I have also removed my sunflower. I noticed something had been eating the seeds and have shown the remains however I do find nature amazing.
So sit back and enjoy.

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