Episode 135. Growing butternut squash.

Join me this week in episode 135 of the veg grower podcast where I discuss the latest on the plots and growing butternut squash.


The diary.

Listen to what I have done on the plots this last week, which includes

  • Sorting out seeds
  • Sowing seeds
  • Planting overwintered garlic

Growing butternut squash.

This week I received a question from a listener about growing butternut squashes. In this week's podcast, I explore more into growing butternut squashes.

I talk about the interesting origins of this wonderful squash. I discuss how I like to grow this plant and what I like to use to grow this plant good and strong.

I will admit that I have struggled to grow this squash in the past however I treat it all as a learning curve and who knows what may happen next year.


The Wikipedia page all about butternut squash.

An interesting article about the origins of butternut squash.

An RHS guide to growing squashes.

Click on the image below to buy some butternut squash seeds on Amazon. The first is sold by Sutton seeds who I highly recommend and the variety is hunter of which is a popular variety.

Click on the next image for some cheaper seeds from seekay. I have never bought from this company but for the price, it may be worth trying.

That is it for this week. Any comments or suggestions please get in touch either by the comments below or by email through ourĀ contact page.


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