23.7.2018 Preparing for winter vegetables.

Join me in this week's video where I shall be sharing with you how I have started preparing for winter vegetables. Also can you spot the deliberate mistake I made in this video.

Preparing for winter vegetables.

Recently I cleared out the garlic from one of my beds on the allotment. This bed will now be used to grow winter vegetables over the next few months.

In preparation for this I have covered the bed with manure in my no dig method that I use. The manure that I use is well-rotted and very crumbly that it is practically manure.

Following on from that I will need something to plant in this bed. Well in my potting shed I have sown a few seeds. These seeds should hopefully grow into some decent plants that will provide me with vegetables over the winter months.

In total I sowed 15 varieties of seeds and these are

  • Swede best of all
  • Swede Romanesco retatino
  • Basil sweet
  • Basil red leaved
  • Pak choi white petiole
  • Cabbage April
  • Kale red russian
  • SWiss chard bright lights
  • Cauliflower all year round
  • Kale nero di toscano
  • Spinach Samish f1
  • Lettuce lollo rossa
  • Chinese cabbage kasumi f1
  • Turnip petrowski

I will be sowing more over the next few weeks too.

Check out the video below.

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