2018 Sweet potato harvest

In this weeks video I am harvesting my sweet potatoes.

I planted 3 varieties of sweet potatoes back in June. They are Bonita, Burgundy and Beauregard.

I checked them over and realised the stems had gone black which was an indication they are ready. I'll be honest I wasn't expecting an amazing harvest but I was very happy with what I did harvest.

Check it out in the video.

3 thoughts on “2018 Sweet potato harvest

  • Nikki Grosvenor

    Hi Richard, Nikki here
    You had a nice crop of three varieties of sweet potato there.
    I shall try growing the Bonita as you think they taste best.
    You know people who ask ‘why go to all the trouble of growing produce with smaller yields, when you can buy them in the supermarket for a pound’, completely miss the point.
    Generations down from our great grandparents have become de-skilled in self suffiency.
    Actually experimenting with growing different varieties of produce, builds skill sets which could prove crucial should future circumstances dictate that we would need to fend more for ourselves.
    Thank for posting your info. It’s very helpfull.
    Kindest regards
    Much Love. X:)

  • Thank you Nikki. I always think its great to experiment homegrown certainly tastes better then shop bought. By the way you won the weekly seed competition so if you could email me your address ill get them sent to you. much love Richard

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