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So why is this site so big on membership visitors maybe asking. Well quite simply in the beginning I wanted to have a forum and create a community of vegetable growers of which of course required usernames etc however pretty soon after launching the site it become apparent that spam it's where hitting our site (300 spam comments a day). I wasn't able to keep up with that much spam so I made it all about being a member and this stopped spam coming through and taking over.
As a member and to thank you for taking the time to sign up we do give you exclusive content such as hidden posts and forums not open to non-member visitors and also just launched today is a monthly newsletter. Current members would have received their newsletter today however if you haven't seen it my get be worth checking your junk mail as it may be there.
We want this community to develop so we really need more members and more activity but don't worry it's all free and won't cost you a penny so please do sign up.

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