Weekly harvest report.

This weekly harvest report has been a pretty good week for produce. The quail and Chicken have started laying and good weather meant I could work on the allotment.

Weekly harvest report.

Firstly we have some Charlotte potatoes weighing in at 2.8 kg which would cost £2.80 from a shop.

Next, we have 600g of leeks which would have cost £1.20 from a shop.

We also have 500g Brussels sprouts which would have cost £3 from a shop.

We harvested 900g oca but I can not find a price for these. Will that make oca priceless?

We also have 50g chard which would have cost 50p in a shop.

We have had 4 Chicken eggs which would have cost £1.00 and 8 quail eggs which would have cost £1.68 from a shop. If we add this all together we would have spent in a shop for all this fresh produce.

In total, all this fresh produce would have cost us £10.18 if we bought it from a shop. Although the oca I have been unable to price up so the total should be higher.

2 thoughts on “Weekly harvest report.

  • Thant’s a pretty good haul Richard. I’m surprised you are still pulling potatoes and oca out of the ground, mine were harvested into the store long ago. Maybe I should reconsider that. : All the best – Steve

  • Thanx Steve. I tend to leave potatoes until I need them and the oca I just hadn’t got round too. Thankfully we have pretty good weather here to do this with.

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