This weeks news article. Food rationing in britains supermarkets. 

So this weeks story has been all over the news this morning and I wasn't sure whether to mention it or not. However after some thought I've decided to give my take on it. 

The article I'm sharing comes from The BBC however it's across many news stations across the country. 

The basic premise of this story is that several supermarket chains are rationing certain vegetables all due to the weather in Europe making challenging conditions for crops as reported a couple of weeks ago. 

My thoughts on that article haven't changed and today's news reinforces my feelings. 

However this article being such big news is a little odd to me. I feel the use of food rationing conjures up memories and images of food rationing from the world war 2 era (This is a subject I'm currently researching as I planning a future podcast ). 

The rationing in this article is restricting 3 iceberg lettuces and 3 heads of broccoli per visit. Well honestly who buys more then 1 lettuce or 1 head of broccoli at a time. 1 of these items is plenty to feed a large family.

This leads me to my analysis of this matter, I feel the reality of this rationing is to prevent catering establishments from buying the supermarket stock rather then wholesale. The lack of produce has pushed up the wholesale price and in some instances maybe cheaper in a supermarket then wholesale.   There is also the fact that stocks are low with imports starting to come from America. 

Now this problem is not going to stop any time soon. This season has been pretty poor and this has affected many countries not just us. Supply will be low and demand high. 

So what do you think let me know in the comments below. 

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