Slow cooker stock.

Now this recipe is one I did developed my own style for and take full credit for.
Now stock is always incredibly easy to make and I often whip up a batch load up and keep it in smaller batches in the freezer ready for when I need it.
I also find it a great way of using items that would otherwise end up in the bin.
So how do I make this well firstly I save as much vegetable off cuts as possible. so this would be tings like potato peelings, carrot peelings, limp broccoli or uneaten vegetables. Often I keep these in a freezer to build up my resources until such time as i'm ready to make stock.
If i'm making a chicken stock I save the bones from a roast chicken (alternatively I have used rabbit or quail). That being said I have saved the bones from wings or drumsticks by keeping them in the freezer until ready.
The final ingredient is water but a little hack I've learned is to use the water that I have boiled vegetables in such as peas when cooking a roast dinner.

Now all these ingredients go in a slow cooker ensuring all the ingredients are just covered. The slow cooker will be turned on high for about an hour and then on the lowest setting (usually keep warm) for 24 hours. After this time the veg and bones is usually very soft if not leave it for a bit longer. On occasion I've left it for 48 hours with out any problems.
Now I pour the stock through a sieve and dispose of the solids, keeping the liquid stock. This stock gets placed into small containers to go in the freezer.

So that is it of course if you want to do just a vegetable stock just omit the bones.

This stock is great for making soups etc I think every chef will say that there own stock makes the best use in the kitchen. So why not give it a try and let me know how you found this method.

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