Seeds I intend to sow in 2015

As part of my thought exercise I've considered what I want to grow in 2015 and so I have written down these thought in the following list. What I better add is that as I go through the year I often add things or come across new things that I would like to grow.

At home plot.
The home plot is a little hard to plan as we intend to move this year but when we will move all depends on several factors out of our control and as such I can only improve the items I have in pots currently.

At the allotment
The allotment is where I will be doing most of my growing this year and I plan on growing the following:
-onions from sets already in the ground
-onions from seed including spring onion and pickling onion
-garlic and elephant garlic already in the ground
-potatoes early and main crop as well for different uses in the kitchen
-broccoli and calabrese
-cabbage both white and red
-broad beans
-runner beans
-French beans
-some unusual beans such as haricot or kidney depending on what's available
-chilli pepper of various heats including jalapeño and scotch bonnet
-sweet peppers
-few tomato plants as blight is bad
-sweet potato
-dahlia yams
-electric daisies this will be my new thing to grow that I try to do each year
-pumpkins both large and some little ones
-courgettes both yellow and green
-butternut squash
-winter squash
-salad leaves

Now I think this list is everything but I may add things as I go so now to check the seed box to check I have all the above

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