Purple sprouting broccoli with salsa Verdi, crisp Parma ham and a poached egg recipe

Hi, its Scott here and after listening to Richard talking about harvesting on purple sprouting broccoli on the podcast last week it got me thinking that I really need to try growing it myself this year.

The idea of been able to harvest fresh greens this early in the year really appeals to me especially when its one of the tastiest greens we can grow for me its up there with asparagus and I often treat it like asparagus and make it the star of the show.

And this week’s recipe does just that paring the broccoli with flavours that will help it sing and it is.

Purple sprouting broccoli with salsa Verdi, crispy Parma ham, parmesan and a poached hen’s egg.

It makes a lovely lunch or if you wanted to make it more of a substantial meal you could add potatoes and rocket perhaps.

So lets head to the kitchen and hear how its made.

This recipe serves 4 and you will need

700g purple sprouting broccoli

6 slices parma ham

100g shaved parmesan.

4 eggs

And for the salsa Verdi

50g finely diced white onion.

30g chopped parsley.

10g chopped tarragon.

10g chopped mint.

40g chopped capers.

1tsp Dijon mustard.

1tbs red wine vinegar.

230ml olive oil.

Method start by making the salsa Verdi do this by mixing all the ingrediants for the salsa Verdi together in a mixing bowl and season with salt and pepper.

Now cook the broccoli you can chargrill it steam it or just boil and at the same time crisp the Parma ham up in a moderate oven.

Whilst this is happening poach your eggs.

Now everything is ready assemble on a plate and dress with the salsa Verdi and parmesan.

And that’s the recipe done and that’s it from me this week.

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