Photos from week 29 of 2017.

As part of our regular line up we have photos from week 29 of 2017.


At home.

I haven't shown many photos of how my plot at home is looking so we start of with the rhubarb which is growing like mad. The rhubarb seems to be very happy here and grows like crazy as you can see.

Rhubarb growing like mad


Next we have a view into the greenhouse of where the tomatoes are growing like mad too.

Greenhouse tomatoes growing like mad

However they are producing fruits of which will soon be ready. I also have a cucumber plant in here of which I really like the flowers of. I can't explain what it is but I just find them pretty cool as you can see.

Cucumber flowers

Next we have a view across my vegetable patch of which again the tomatoes have grown like crazy and formed a living wall almost.

The veg patch

Did you spot my hens in that photo. Bear and grills are out on slug duty.

This weeks harvest.

I said in this weeks podcast that I harvested a cauliflower that was about to blow. Well you can see what i mean below. Although it had started to blow it was still edible but if I left it any longer it would have been no good.

A cauliflower just starting to blow

I also harvested a huge courgette. This courgette was stuffed with orzo and peppers to make a nice meal.


And the rest of this weeks harvest.

All remaining garlic
Elephant garlic
French beans
Cucumber and tomatoes

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