Episode 126. What to do when it rains.

Join me on this weeks episode number 126 titled what to do when it rains. In this weeks podcast I cover the usual diary then the main subject about what I do when it rains and I am on the plot.

Whats happened this week on the plot.

This week work on the plots has been hampered with the weather but jobs I have done include

  • Harvesting
  • weeding
  • sowing seeds for winter spring produce.

So please listen to find out more.

What to do when it rains.

In this episode I discuss what I try to do when it rains and I am on the plot.

There is nothing more annoying then being caught out by the rain, when I have dedicated time to work on the plots so in this podcast I talk about what I do and throw out a few ideas that you may find of use and hopefully make time on the plots more efficient.

If you have a few ideas or suggestions for what you do get in touch.

I mention that I like to make a cuppa in the shed so below I have a couple of links to what I use to make a cuppa.

Firstly a portable gas stove to get some heat.

Of course we need an all important kettle to go top.

So there we have it please listen and enjoy. Any comments and suggestions please get in touch. Why not check out our forums or sign up to be a member to get access to more content and contribute your own content.

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