News article. Entrepreneur creates hummus from waste food. 

I've struggled this week to find a news article that I can chat about until I found This fantastic article.

As soon as I saw the headline I knew I would have a few comments about this article. Many of you know I hate food waste, it's ridiculous that it happens on such a massive scale when there's so many people struggling to feed themselves. I also feel sorry for the farmers who toil away in all weathers to produce food that gets thrown in the bin. 

I remember a few years ago watching a programme where they explored food waste, in this programme they visited a strawberry farm and claimed that a large portion of strawberries get thrown away because they are not the right shape. I remember thinking to myself that the strawberries where perfectly edible and ok may not be purchased by supermarkets but they be perfectly suitable for jams. 

This article centres around an entrepreneur called Hannah McCollum who has witnessed how much food is wasted in the catering industry, as she witnessed salmon and steaks being thrown into the bin after an event. This I have witnessed myself from when I've worked in catering establishments on a daily basis. 

Hannah hates this waste and has used this waste to make hummus pots of which sounds a fantastic idea of using up left over vegetables. She has turned this into a business and crowdfunding to upscale her production to try and reduce the amount of food loss. 

Hannah's attempts are certainly very very good however as a country nearly half of the crops produced ends up being thrown away so unless we all start to make a change Hannah's attempts will only make a tiny dent in the problem. 

What I really love about this article is how hummus and dips can be easily made from food that doesn't look pretty or would be wasted and that is something we can all be doing with a bit of thought. 

So what do you think about this article and a good solution let me know below. 

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