News article. Correct storage of tomato ketchup. 

For this weeks new I'm commenting On this article in from the daily mail but has been on other news stations too. 

The basics of this news is that a photo of a store in Asda selling tomato ketchup from a fridge has lead to an online debate about tomato ketchup storage. 

The comments made about this issue are very funny and also very divided opinions. 

So firstly I have always kept my shop brought ketchup in the cupboard however my home made ketchup does end up in the fridge. 

Reading this article it used to be the case that ketchup was stored out the cupboard. It originally was invented before refrigeration. My understanding has always been that the vinegar slows the production of bacteria. 

Reading this article I've learned that due to lower salt levels in ketchup it is now advisable to store ketchup in a fridge after it's been opened and as this has came from scientists who have researched and tested the effects scientifically I find hard to argue with. 

That being said my ketchup is stored in the cupboard and I've never known it to go off or do me any harm. Also the thought of dipping hot chips in cold ketchup doesn't appeal to me. 

So where do you store your ketchup let me know in the comments below. 

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