#456 Hortiwool and garlic experiment results

Join Richard in this weeks veg grower podcast. This week Richard chats to Josie from hortiwool about woollen hanging basket liners. Richard also shares the results of the garlic experiment and the latest from the plots.

This week on the plots

This week Richard has talked a lot of weeding in the allotment and garden. In this podcast Richard runs through what he has found with weeding and watering in the various gardening set ups.

Richard has harvested the spring sown garlic which He had run an experiment on this year to see if garlic really needs a period of cold.

Find out the results in this weeks podcast.


This week Richard interviews Josie from Hortiwool. Hortiwool is a company what turns wool into hanging baskets liners and gardening pads usefull to start seeds off and use for microgreens.

Find out more about this product in this weeks podcast.

Recipe of the week.

This weeks recipe is a blackberry crumble. Richard has hada a very early blackberry harvest and there is a lot of them. Putting them to good use in a blackberry crumble makes it all the better.

A very tasty and delicious way to use up a fruit that can be foraged.

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