How much did I spend growing my own in January?

It's time to take a look at how much I did spend growing my own in January. 

Allotment costs.

For the allotment, I have brought some decking wood to make the raspberry bed. this cost me £11.00. Normally I like to use pallets but to save time I brought wood in.

I bought some manure to mulch beds. This cost me £5.00. I also had to number my plots, for this I bought some numbers from Wilkinsons. These cost me £9.20 for all the numbers I needed.

Total spend on the allotment this month is £25.20

Quail costs.

I bought the quail some more sand for there run. This gives them a nice area to dust bath and run around. A bag of sand cost me £2.20.

Total cost for quail this month is £2.20

Chicken costs.

The chicken has only cost me £2.00 for some straw, for there bedding. I also had to buy some layers pellets. I buy a 20kg bag for £8.90. This lasts me about 3 months.

Total cost for the chickens this month is £10.90

Seeds costs.

This month I bought Some tomato seeds which cost me £3.99 and some seed potatoes. Blue Danube cost me £2.49 for about 8 seeds and a 2kg pack of estima cost me £3.99. I also bought a bag of seed compost for £2.20

Total spend on seeds is £12.67

Miscellaneous costs.

Having had enough of always cleaning my shoes every time I visit the plot I bought a pair of 3/4 length welly boots which cost me £11.99. With them, I also bought a boot clip which cost £4.99. This clip closes the top of the boot when not in use. Stopping anything from getting inside the boots and keeping them dry if left outside. Seems to make sense to me.

I also brought an extra grow light for the potting shed. The bulb cost £10 from IKEA and the light fitting cost me £2.20

Total spend on boots is £29.18

Total spend in January.

In total, I spent £62.90 in January growing my own.

How much do you think you spent, let me know below.


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