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    Hi would like to ask other people what there plans are for next year, I am going to try keep on top of weeds more ( haha as if that will happen) and try growing some veg for showing at my local show.

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    I have lots of plans for next year and planning a podcast on the subject so this forum post is fantastic.
    For me, I plan to try and be on top of the weeds also. I also want to be more organised and tidier. However, I think every gardener will say this every year. So the reality is I just want to improve upon this year in every aspect of my gardening.

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    David James

    Ill be getting the ground ready over the winter to make sure its full of nutrients for next year, everyone tells you to use well rotted manure but I get fresh stuff mixed with hay or sawdust which I mix in the beds between now and February & have never had a problem with anything not growing, in fact nearly everything does quite well. I also throw some chicken feed in there every now and again and mix it all together. My daughter will be 4 next year so i have sourced a climbing frame and slide from freecycle and have transformed an area over the allotment for her to play so i will be getting that ready and also ill be making some beds for her to grow stuff in. For me its business as usually next year, propagating propagating propagating to make sure everything is ready to go and of course keeping and eye on the weeds. Richard thanks for the seeds, i will put them to good use next year and hopefully share some photos of their progress.


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    Hi david thanks for ur reply, I to have a daughter who is 4 and have just finished a little area for her to play and let me stay down on the plot before she gets board haha. I also only let my horse manure and hay rot down 6-10 months before using it(this is only while I collect it through the year).

    Just looking for a last piece of fake grass and slide

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    Hi just a little update from my plot, I have finally got my act together and made my hen house and run, just needs a final clean inside. I will be picking ex barn hens up early December.

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    I am pleased to see you are getting some hens, Stephen. You will not regret it the eggs and the work that they do is fantastic.They are also really fun and good company.
    Your coop looks pretty cool too and a decent size.
    Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.

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    Finally got them, they gave me one for free so ended up with 4 haha.
    Not the best weather to bring them home but didn’t take long for them to leave the coop and explore the cage.

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    How is everyone’s plans coming along so far.

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    Jen Oldham

    My plans are to finally rid the tiny back garden of brambles which are driving me crazy. Clear out the Crocosmia, put my tiny plastic greenhouse up and hopefully grow tomatoes and cucumber in it. Also potatoes in a sack on the patio, runner beans up the fence and strawberry plants in my planter. 🙂

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