Episode 377. Plans for 2021

Join me in this weeks podcast as I start planning for 2021.

I am using veg plotter to plan my garden and allotment this year. You can see my plans on the links below

3 thoughts on “Episode 377. Plans for 2021

  • 31/12/2020 at 16:53

    An inspiring end of year post, they sound like great plans. It’s prompted me to think of my own for the plot and the garden, I’m sure I shall write something up for my own diary, but let me think off the top of my head.

    2020 plans changed so much when March hit, who knows what will happen in 2021.

    I’ve wanted to move gooseberry plants to be nearer to the other fruit bushes for months, and I’ve now done the move, I still need to build the netting cage for them all.

    2021 will see me using some sort of netting to stop whatever kills off the leeks, for what is normally a strong crop for us they have mostly failed this year for the first time ever.

    I will plant lots of onions again, lots of potatoes, generally space things out a lot more. The big plan is to chop down the unwanted cherry tree on the plot, rebuild the falling down fences and maybe even change where the gate is up to the other end.

    One day we will all be permitted to meet with others, and so I will certainly bike over to Littlehampton one weekend to give you a visit on your plot after all this time!

  • 11/01/2021 at 18:34

    I have been listening to your podcasts for some time which I enjoy. In a recent podcast you said you have lined your new shed with hardboard which now looks like waves on the sea, I have been a carpenter for 58 years. my tip is.

    If you can get if off lay the first piece on the ground (face down) get a bucket of water or hose pipe and soak the back of the hardboard next lay the next piece on top and do the same (face down). do the same with the rest leave over night or more. Refix it and it will shrink like a drum skin.

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