Episode 198. Sorting out my seed tin for 2019

Join me in this weeks vegetable growing podcast where I discuss my thoughts while sorting out my seed tin. We also have the latest on the plots.

The diary

In this weeks diary I discuss the following.

  • I've had a horrible cold
  • A few hours on the allotment
  • Tidying my shed

and much more

Sorting out my seed tin.

I have recently been tackling my seed collection. I seem to have accumulated a lot of seeds and I don't necessarily know what they all are.

In this episode I go through my seeds and get rid of what isn't needed and try and figure out what I will need in 2019. Join me as I share my thoughts and start making plans for 2019.

7 thoughts on “Episode 198. Sorting out my seed tin for 2019

  • Hi Richard.great podcast.no vobes show tonight as we know so glad I got to your podcast .glad u found your key .my mate whos a gardener just phoned he got a cold to as out in the wet all day .can u tell us more about your quail .I would like to know more .do u sale the eggs.as for your couch grass I think the hoe is making more weed as u cut it best to dig it up and keep it up or yes weed killer if u us it .cheers.happy growing

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  • Hi Richard, I think I’ve worked out how to leave comments via your podcasts now! Enjoyed the podcast, listened to it earlier today. I seem to have loads of seeds that I need to go through too, especially tomato seeds! I grow borlotti beans and use them for homemade baked beans, maybe grow borlotti instead? Take care Bethan

  • Hi Bethan and great to have you in the comments. Tomato seeds seem to breed I have tonnes too. I think I’ve tried berlotti before but I’m gonna give it a go again so thanx for tip.

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