Episode 353. The Saturday night veg pub quiz

Join me in this weeks veg gardening pub quiz podcast. 10 questions that need answers.

Full transcript below.

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Episode 353 transcript

Hello and welcome to episode 353 of the veg grower podcast. My names Richard and I am on a mission to grow as much food as I possibly can in my allotment and garden. Today is Saturday the 25th July and its the Saturday night pub quiz. A day late I’m afraid but were here.

How it works. I am going to ask 10 questions. These 10 questions need answers of which you email me. If you get all 10 correct your name gets placed in a hat and one winner will be chosen at random who will win 10 packets of seeds.

Added to that throughout July all correct answers will earn 1 point and whoever has the most points at the end of July will win a spade.

With that out the way lets get on with the quiz

Question 1. wood ash can be used in the garden but what is it particularly good for?

Question 2. In which UK city is Preston rock gardens located?

Question 3. Why do we recommend growing mint in a pot?

Question 4. True or false plants that are determinate are bushy and plants that are indeterminate are vine like plants?

Question 5. What colour do tomatoes usually turn when ripe?

Question 6. Eating what would make popeye strong?

Question 7. Name 2 vegetables used at halloween to make jack o lanterns?

Question 8. What family do grapes belong too?

Question 9. What part of broccoli do we eat?

Question 10. Who preceded Alan Titchmarsh as presenter of gardeners world?

Thats your 10 questions so now for the answers to last weeks qoestions

Last week I asked

Question 1 Motto a is an anagram of what? The answer is tomato

Question 2 We might add pine needles to the soil of our blueberries plants. Why do we do this? We add pine needles to increase the acidity. It can aslo act as a mulch to suppres weeds

Question 3. How far apart should we plant Courgettes? Usually we would want about 90 cm or 3 foot apart although I do find we can go a little closer then that

Question 4. What pest is french marigoilds said to deter? Well that is greenfly and blackfly

Question 5. Which part of salisfy plants can be eaten? That is the root

Question 6. Can you eat broad bean pods? Yes you can they can be used dipped in batter and then fried

Question 7. What are the key ingrrdients of aloo saag? Potato and spinach

Question 8. According to pepperhead what is the hottest chilli pepper? That is the carolina reeper

Question 9. What family of plants does mustard fall into? That is a brassica

Question 10. Who is the current presenters of beechgrove garden?

Jim Mcco;;

Carole Baxter Chris Beardshaw George Anderson Brian Cummingham and Kirsty Wilson.

Well thats it for this pub quiz the final pub quiz will be next Friday so good luck to everyone taking part. If you want to email me your answers its Richard@theveggrowerpodcast.co.uk Visit the website theveggrowerpodcast.co.uk and find me on social media. We will be back on Monday so until then please take care.

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